The Pleasure of My Company

I believe a man never looks better than when he's dressed in black tie. Or better yet- white tie.

The first dinner jacket or 'tuxedo" I ever wore was a cheap, out of style $15 number I rented for the 1971 Jupiter High Junior-Senior Prom. All the other guys blew $30 or more on gaudy jackets and ruffled shirts topped with gigantic butterfly bowties. I recall feeling slightly uncomfortable in my old rig- like Don Draper at a tractor pull. Adding to my miserable attire was my crowning glory: half brown/ half blond shoulder length hair- courtesy of a bottle of Clairol's Summer Blond that I split with my future art school roommate a year earlier.

"Blonde" leading the Blonde. The Jupiter High Junior-senior Prom, 1971. "Her Majesty" never spaketh to me again after that night.

I caved to current fashion the following year and
 lost most of my blond hair  after cutting it into
 a stylish "shag."  My demeanor took a serious turn
 that year as my focus turned to pursuing
 my post-graduation dream of being a lifeguard
 and "surfing all day."

New Years Eve, 1989,
in a smart Ralph Lauren tux.
Everyone looked better
in 1989!
With WPBF reporter Terri Parker in 2008.
 You simply can't go wrong in classic Brooks Brothers
black tie. I wear them while painting, at the football game
 or blacktopping the driveway. But never before 6 p.m.!

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