"Let the word go forth - I am handso... A BERLINER!"

Chester A. Arthur
 POTUS 1881-1885

Most historians agree that Chester A. Arthur, (1881-1885) was the least handsome Commander in Chief  followed by fellow one-termers Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) and Zachary Taylor (1849-1850.)

                                       Zachary Taylor
                                       POTUS 1849-1850
 To be fair to "Old Rough and Ready," Taylor died after just  sixteen months
 in office and may have been simply having a bad hair day when his
 daguerreotype was made. His running mate and successor,
 Millard Fillmore was much uglier in this non-historian's opinion.

1960 Nixon-Kennedy televised debate
In 1960, Senator Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon squared
 off in the nation's first televised Presidential debate. Nixon, recovering
 from an injury and sweating profusely under the hot studio lights
 dabbed at his face and lifted off enough "Man Tan" to expose
 his infamous five o'clock shadow. The tanned and relaxed Senator
 went on to win the election by a less-than-handsome 100,000 votes!

‘God, why did you make me so beautiful?’

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