The Hunt Club

My artist's studio- The Hunt Club, is normally closed to everyone. Few people, even members of my family, have ever been inside. It has nothing to do with modesty. I'd rather that people imagine fine art masterpieces inside than see the cold practical reality of the mostly commercial art on display.

A few months ago I turned my keys over to a visiting relative in need of a stay. A dinner party broke out one night and The Hunt Club was abuzz with friends and relatives. Food and drink was served followed by the requisite tour and ended with (more) drinks on the patio. Little comment was made about my paintings.

"Did you notice all the framed pictures he has of himself?" slurred one.
"He doesn't even know who the other
people are!" managed another.

Not entirely true- I recognized my twin brother in one photo and a couple of ex's in others. In my defense, only two (painted-self) portraits on display are of me alone and in the fencing photo my face is concealed by a mask.

"He's so conceited" said one as she polished off the rest of my best vodka.

My favorite picture, taken in Palm Beach on New Year's Eve in 1988, is at the top of this post. It stands in a frame nearest to the door of The Hunt Club- the last thing I see as I grab my keys.

So when Palm Beach Post columnist Jose Lambiet asked me to art direct a photo of him for a Palm Beach society magazine story about the "100 most influential people" in town, I included my picture in the shot. I reasoned (to myself) that the art deco frame matched the "Front Page" theme of the shot. Make that "100 and ONE most influential!" Photo by Jaime Kujala

Inspired, I used it once again to illustrate a story about Post columnist Frank Cerabino's ballroom dancing lessons. In this case, the photographer and I built an entire upside down room to enshrine my picture (lower left corner- click to enlarge.) Photo by Ray Graham
Was it "conceited" to use this breath-taking photograph as a prop? Was Alfred Hitchcock "conceited" when he appeared as cameos in all of his movies? Brilliant, I say! Quelle HOMAGE!


  1. Nice regards from Vis, Croatia!

  2. My God, man, you surely are handsome!
    It must be difficult to part ways with the mirror in the morning. Pray God you were able to pass on your pulchritude to descendants. For were you to leave us, the world would surely be a less handsome place.

  3. Thank you Mark! And may I say, your English is better than my Croatian!